Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Freedom in the Colonial Period

Hey guys! Today I return to blog about the colonies. As you remember my theme is freedom. During the colonial period that was mainly a religious idea, I decided to look at Roger Williams. This article discusses his pioneering separation of church and state. Even though Puritans came to America to escape religious persecution, they often persecuted others. One of these was Roger Williams who followed their example of going to exile. The difference was that he did not persecute other groups. When he founded Rhode Island, he separated church and state and turned the colony into a bastion of toleration. This wasn't because he agreed with his fellow exiles, he just didn't think the government should police their beliefs. Hundreds of countries have followed his example, including the United States.

Monday, September 26, 2016

11th grade History beauty

Hey everyone. I'm making this post on this beautiful website for my 11th grade American History class. I'm supposed to pick a topic and write about it, and that topic will be Freedom. The reason I picked Freedom as a topic is because of two very simple reasons:
  1. Freedom is a super easy topic (or so I was told)
  2. Freedom was and still is very big in all throughout history. Even way back in Greek times it saved a lot of lives and changed lives and places in many ways
But this isn't Greek times. This is America times, so let's talk about American freedom. One big part of freedom in America would definitely be during the pilgrim age. They came for religious freedom. But is America still free? This article seems to think that freedom is in trouble. It discusses a number of areas in which freedom is under threat: inequality, religious chauvinism masquerading as religious liberty, and an increasingly intrusive surveillance state. This is scary, but maybe freedom isn't so much declining as changing its definition.